“Each child is an individual with interests, skills, opinions, and needs – an individual to be motivated, challenged and involved.”

Areas of Learning Include:-

  • Reading and Language development
  • Letterland
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Motor Development
  • Scientific Literacy
  • Creative Arts
  • Computer Literacy
  • Ball Skills

Daily NEURONET Lessons:

This year is a special transition period as children grow from pre-school to Grade 1.
This group prepares children for the academic and social challenges of the School environment. It is an academically enriched curriculum that promotes the skills needed for success in School and to develop a lifetime love of learning.
Children who grow up in our infant, toddler and Pre-School programme reap the further benefit of consistency and a long-standing relationship with teachers and Centre Management, while new students blossom in an environment that treats each child as an individual, not just one of many.
NeuroNet is movement based learning programs that bring years of neuroscience research into the classroom with exercises that improve fluency in reading, math and handwriting skills.
We are proud to ensure our Teacher/Learner ratio is kept to a minimum, and well below the average.
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