A light snack is to be provided by parents for morning tea. This may consist of a sandwich or rusk or whatever you think is healthy with a cold-drink, but please NO Chips, Cakes, Fizzy Coldrinks, Chocolates or Sweet Biscuits. Fruit Juice or Water must be in a suitable container. Please ensure that your child has an adequate nutritious breakfast before arriving at School.


Please send your child to school with suitable clothing that is CLEARLY MARKED. Also remember that they may get paint or glue on their clothes — so please do not send them in their best outfits.


Pupils are all to bring a cot-size blanket CLEARLY MARKED for resting. A full change of clothing is also to be provided. Please provide a COTTON COT-SIZE FITTED SHEET to fit a 130-x 60cm mattress (available from Brylin Pre-Primary).


Only disposable nappies are to be provided by the parents and at least two full change of clothing. Full made-up bottles must be sent and any special diet. Two face cloths will be required. All barrier or nappy rash creams also to be provided by the parent.


Please advise us of your baby's routine to assist with the care of your child.


All pupils from one year old and up must have the regulation art apron. (Available from Brylin Pre-Primary). Their name must be clearly written or sewn inside for staff identification.


A suitable sized towel, costume and bathing cap (cap available from Aquabear Swim School) must be provided on swimming days (to be advised termly). Swimming viewing for the parents will be towards the end of each term. Swimming will be held weekly at Aquabear Swim School. All lessons will be held at Aquabear Swim School. The lessons commence the 2nd week of the first term and the second day of the other three terms.


Please discuss this with your child's group teacher at least two weeks prior to your child's birthday.


If your child is ill, please keep him / her at home, as we cannot ensure that he / she remains indoors while still recuperating. A Doctor's certificate is to be provided once returning to school after a contagious illness or as per Health Department ruling. Any medication to be given must be recorded by the parent on the medicine chart and it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the medication is taken home when necessary.


No toys of any description may be brought to school. However, a storybook may be brought to school for story time that day.


Paper towels are available in all bathrooms for the use of the children.


A suitable sized suitcase — not too large must be brought to school daily with a jersey or tracksuit.


These are sent out during the 2nd and 4" term for learners. (Excluding the infant groups).


PLEASE DO NOT use the disabled parking bays! There are sufficient parking bays for all parents to use when dropping and collecting your child — just an extra walk....


PLEASE ensure that your precious child is buckled up whenever transported by you. Also please do not drive with your child on the front seat passenger's lap or in the middle of the back seat peering through the opening of the front two seats without their set belts buckled.
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