At Brylin we believe that each child should be afforded the opportunity experience as much creative direction as possible. This not only develops their fine motor co-ordination, but also is instrumental in establishing self-discipline.
All our extra-murals take place under one roof, avoiding time lost to transportation, so that our children have more time to learn, play and socialize and our children's safety is of prime importance to us at all times.

Aquabear Swim School

Weekly lessons at Aquabear Swim School, one of the top swim schools in the country. INCLUDED IN SCHOOL FEES.


Encourages balance and discipline. We offer weekly lessons for our budding ballerina's. Payments made directly to the ballet school.

Gymini Kids

Creative Pre-School Movement Education through Tumbling, Trampolining and Gymnastics. Payments made directly to Gymini Kids.

Music Appreciation

Teaching a child the importance of music encourages patience and enhances creativity. 
Instrumental in fine motor co-ordination, and balancing skills. INCLUDED IN SCHOOL FEES.

Soccercise Starz

Weekly soccer lessons with the Soccercise coaches. Payments made directly to Soccercise Starz.
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