There are certain requirements for the various Diplomas, they are as follows: 
Child must be able to:

Level 1. TADPOLE

Float face down and kick in the swordfish position for four metres.
Kick on back with aid of a board for 6 metres.
Blow Bubbles with face submerged.


Swim freestyle without breathing for 5 metres.
Kick freestyle with breathing to either side for 8 metres.
Kick backstroke with board for 8 metres.
Jump into pool and get out without aid.

Level 3. SALMON

Swim freestyle with breathing for 8 metres.
Swim backstroke for 8 metres.
Dive from the edge of the pool.

Level 4. MARLIN

Swim freestyle for 12,5 metres.
Swim backstroke for 12.5 metres.
Swim breaststroke for 8 metres.
Swim butterfly for 8 metres.

Level 5. DOLPHIN

Swim 50 metres of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke with good technique.
Swim 25 metres of butterfly with good technique.
Perform the correct starts for each stroke.
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